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Learn more about WH-347 Form

What is the WH-347 Form?

The WH-347 form is an essential document for federal construction contractors. It is a weekly filing obligation for projects funded by the federal government with a value exceeding $2,000.

Enforced under the Davis-Bacon Act, completing the WH-347 form enables governmental oversight of prevailing wage adherence on designated contracts. Failure to grasp its significance may lead to noncompliance repercussions and associated penalties.

What is the purpose of the WH-347 form?

The WH-347 form is designed to ensure contractor adherence to prevailing wage regulations. Furnishing detailed payroll information facilitates government reviews to confirm that proper hourly rates and fringe benefits are disbursed to employees in accordance with their job duties.

When is Form WH-347 Required for Contractors?

Form WH-347, also referred to as the Certified Payroll Form, is an essential requirement for contractors engaged in federally funded construction endeavors. Central to this obligation is the Davis-Bacon Act, which mandates the submission of certified payroll reports for government construction contracts. Under this statute, Form WH-347 must be submitted for any federal contract exceeding $2000 involving the construction, alteration, or repair of public buildings or works.

This requirement extends to contractors working directly under federal government auspices and those engaged in federally assisted contracts financed through grants, loans, loan guarantees, or insurance. Davis-Bacon Act wage standards span all 50 states, Washington D.C., and U.S. territories.

Besides the Davis-Bacon Act, approximately 60 other federal statutes impose prevailing wage requirements on various assistance agreements. Projects funded by agencies such as the U.S. Department of Transportation, HUD, or EPA necessitate prevailing wage adherence, thus mandating the submission of payroll forms to certify compliance.

Whenever a construction contract exceeds $2,000 and entails federal assistance, funding, or contracts, Form WH-347 is typically indispensable for validating proper prevailing wage disbursements. Whether operating as a prime contractor or sub-contractor on covered projects, adherence to payroll reporting requirements is paramount. Understanding the mandatory nature of this form is imperative for contractors to uphold regulatory compliance and avert infractions.

What must be included on the WH-347 Form?

The WH-347 form is designed to capture comprehensive information essential for certified payroll reporting. It includes fields for company details, contract particulars, employee names and addresses, job classifications, hourly pay rates, deductions, overtime hours, and weekly totals. Each worker who contributed to the contract must be listed every week to ensure thorough documentation.

Guidelines for Filing and Retention

Contractors must submit the WH-347 form to the contracting officer weekly, covering all work performed in the preceding week. To facilitate potential audits, these forms must be retained for at least three years after project completion.

Accurate completion of the WH-347 form is paramount to maintaining regulatory compliance and avoiding potential issues with the Department of Labor. If you require assistance with your certified payroll reporting obligations, contact us for support.

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