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What’s included

What’s included in the free trial?

Time Tracking for Construction

User-friendly clock in/out mobile interface
Geofencing with location breadcrumbing
Offline mode
Offline mode allows the crew to clock in/out while working in a location without strong WiFi or cellular connection
Manager mode
Manager mode enables a project manager or foreman to enter hours worked on behalf of a team
Control center
Control Center allows Project Manager or Payroll Manager to review, edit and approve timesheets seamlessly in bulk, or one by one
Robust reporting
Calculate total pay, overtime hours, mileage and other payroll reports 
Worker safety tracking
Track worker safety with intuitive injury reporting feature integrated into timesheets
Consultation with our Product Expert
2 sessions x 30 min with our Product expert to demo the product and help setup and configure time tracking application for usage
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Bookkeeping for Construction

Account Management
Financial Reporting
Tax Compliance and Filing
Real-time Financial Insights
Stress-free Tax Season
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Payroll for Construction

Pay your workers securely through Lumber Payroll
Accurate wage calculations
File taxes on time
Compliance with certified Payroll, Timesheet, Prevailing Wages, and Union Reporting.
Maintain records and custom reports
Onboard workers easily
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Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid only for construction firms, contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors in the construction business.
Please fill out the form with valid information, and our Lumberjacks will contact you.
This offer is valid until Oct 6, 2023. Sign up before the deadline.