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We support women in construction by acknowledging and honoring their contributions to the industry.
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At Lumber, we want to shed light on the experiences of incredible women in construction.

We are embarking on a mission to spotlight the experiences of remarkable women in construction, Lumber invites your input!
Engage in our survey to contribute to a spotlight report addressing crucial issues, from pay disparity to leadership opportunities in the construction industry. Your voice matters!
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She Builds Nation 2024 Report

The Business Case for Supporting Women in Construction

This spotlight report delves into critical issues surrounding women in the construction industry, shedding light on topics ranging from pay disparity to leadership opportunities.
Gain valuable insights from the firsthand experiences of 100 women in construction, as revealed through our comprehensive survey.

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Women in Construction
Discover the incredible achievements and stories of women making a mark in the construction industry.
Our spotlight features highlight the diverse talents, leadership, and innovation of women shaping the future of construction.


Women in Construction
Access visually compelling infographics that showcase the latest statistics, trends, and facts about women in construction.
Download and share these resources to spread awareness and promote diversity within the industry.
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Women in Construction
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Join the Women in Construction conversation on our #SheBuildsNation Social Wall! Share your experiences, thoughts, and photos using the hashtag #SheBuildsNation, and get featured!

It’s time to open the door wide open for the women.

We believe that the construction industry cannot thrive without acknowledging the women who work within it. It cannot move forward if opportunities are not given to them to grow and shine.