Efficiency meets construction in Lumber.

Transform the way you Manage Workforce

Lumber integrates siloed workflows of time tracking, payroll, job costing, and project management with AI and automation.

Seamlessly track work hours to ensure precise wages

  • Integrate with your existing payroll applications.
  • Simple interface with multi-language capabilities.
  • Log work hours even while offline.
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Accurately calculate wages and pay your crew through Lumber

  • Make secure payments to your workforce.
  • Effortlessly stay compliant.
  • Chat with your payroll application.
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What Makes Lumber Different?

Purpose-built for Construction

Not just another generic application but a specialized platform designed for subcontractors and specialty contractors.

Compliance at Core

The Lumber platform ensures that all necessary compliance measures are built-in from the foundation.

Seamless Integrations

You don't have to switch to new tools; Lumber works harmoniously with what you already use.

Conversational Interface

Use our AI chat bot to process payroll calculations and save oodles of time.
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World Class Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support available to help you.
Personalized onboarding and comprehensive training.
Prompt assistance through phone, email, and in-app chat.


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