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Restoration Management Software

Empowering Restoration Companies to Deliver Exceptional Service

Drowning in Paperwork?
Lumber's platform eliminates document chaos, allowing you to focus on what matters most – the restoration.
From Scramble to Schedule
Lumber platform streamlines job scheduling and keeps your projects on track.
Payroll Panic?
Breathe easy with Lumber. Manage subcontractor and crew payroll seamlessly, ensuring timely and accurate payments.
Real-time Reporting
Get instant insights into project progress, crew productivity, and job costs, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for optimal results.
Communication Hub
Keep your entire team – from office staff to crew members – connected and informed with Lumber's built-in communication features.

Resources for Restoration Industry

The Ultimate Guide for Your Restoration Business

Running a restoration business involves juggling numerous tasks and maintaining rigorous standards. To help you streamline your operations and ensure compliance, we're offering an essential guide for free!
  • Essential Documents Checklist: Our detailed checklist ensures you have all the necessary paperwork to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Payroll Compliance Checklist: Simplify payroll compliance with our step-by-step guide.
  • Record-keeping Compliance Checklist: Keep your records organized and up to date. Our checklist helps you maintain compliance effortlessly, saving you time and avoiding potential fines.
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How to become a Restoration Contractor?

Ever wondered what it takes to become a restoration contractor? Our comprehensive guide has all the answers you need!
  • Steps to Become a Restoration Contractor: Follow our step-by-step roadmap and discover the must-have skills and certifications to start your journey in the restoration industry.
  • Job Outlook: Learn about the promising job prospects and opportunities in this growing industry.
  • Operations and Workflow: Dive into the daily operations and workflow of a thriving restoration company.
Download our free guide today and begin your journey to becoming a successful restoration contractor!
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How Lumber can help you

Document Management Made Easy

Securely store, organize, and access all project documents in one centralized location for seamless handover to insurance companies.

Streamlined Time Tracking & Payroll

Eliminate manual timesheets and simplify payroll processing, ensuring accurate wages and timely payments for your crew, even when subcontracting.

Boost Efficiency with Smart Scheduling

Assign and schedule tasks for your team effortlessly, optimize workflows, and keep everyone on the same page for a smoother project execution.

Gain Control of Job Costs

Track all project expenses in real-time with Lumber's job costing features. Make data-driven decisions and maximize profitability with clear insights into your financial health.

Improved Communication & Collaboration

Foster better communication and collaboration within your team and with clients through Lumber's built-in communication tools.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Lumber help with accurate time tracking for my crew?

Lumber's intuitive time tracking tools eliminate the need for manual timesheets, ensuring precise wage calculations and payroll accuracy.

Does Lumber simplify payroll processing, especially when subcontracting with general contractors?

Lumber streamlines the payroll process for both your direct employees and subcontracted crew. It assists in managing paychecks and ensuring you meet all your payroll obligations seamlessly.

Can Lumber help me schedule tasks more efficiently?

Lumber's platform provides a user-friendly task scheduling tool. You can easily assign and schedule tasks for your crew, optimize workflow, and keep everyone on track.

How can Lumber help me track project costs and profitability?

Lumber offers job costing features that allow you to track all project expenses in real-time. This provides valuable insights into your profitability and helps you make informed business decisions.

Can Lumber help improve communication with my team and clients?

Yes! Lumber offers built-in communication features, facilitating easy information sharing and project updates between your office staff, crew members, and clients.

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