Assembly Bill 2143

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California solar contractors fall under the jurisdiction of Assembly Bill 2143.
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Everything you need to know about AB 2143

  • Scope: AB 2143 applies to California solar contractors.
  • Wage Requirement: Mandates prevailing wages for construction workers and apprentices in solar projects.
  • Project Type: Specifically targets large customer-sited solar facilities.
  • Tariff Enrollment: Applies to projects enrolled in relevant tariffs like net energy metering.
  • Worker Protection: Ensures fair compensation, supporting workforce stability.
  • Compliance Obligation: Solar contractors must follow prevailing wage rules.
  • Enforcement: Non-compliance may result in penalties for contractors.
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Guidelines for your solar company to stay compliant with Assembly Bill 2143

Automated Wage Calculation

Lumber's solution automates prevailing wage calculations for accurate payments, meeting AB 2143 requirements.

Integrated Reporting

Lumber offers reporting features for comprehensive documentation, easing compliance reporting obligations.

Contract Assurance

Lumber ensures contract compliance by embedding wage provisions required by AB 2143.

Scalable Solutions

Lumber's scalable platform suits solar companies of all sizes, ensuring compliance flexibility.

Updates & Maintenance

Lumber continuously updates its solution to align with prevailing wage laws, keeping solar companies compliant.

Cost-effective Management

Lumber's solution offers cost-effective compliance management, reducing administrative burdens and risks.

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