Q1 2024  |  Release Notes

Unlock New Levels of Productivity & Engagement with Lumber

Elevate Engagement with Gamification

Transform everyday tasks into exciting challenges!

Our new Gamification solution rewards your team for everything from safety milestones to perfect attendance, fostering a motivated and engaged workplace.

Real-Time Pay Calculation Widget

Our exclusive widget is a game-changer in financial transparency. It displays workers' expected earnings in real-time.

Unmatched in the industry, this feature demystifies pay calculations, empowering employees with instant insights into their earnings.

Navigate Worker Compensation & Prevailing Wage with Ease

Add worker compensation for each user and shift, ensuring comprehensive coverage and compliance with a few clicks.

Set prevailing wage or certified payroll flag at a project level.

Diverse Pay Schedules and Compensation Types

Lumber allows businesses to tailor pay schedules and compensation types to fit the diverse needs of their workforce. This ensures that every employee’s payment terms are aligned with their role, project demands, or contractual agreements.

Time Edit Requests
Employees can now submit requests to edit their recorded times, which admins can either approve or reject.
Pay Stub Download for iOS and Android
Access financial information on-the-go. Our mobile-friendly feature allows for convenient download of pay stubs, ensuring transparency and accessibility.
Actionable Job Costing Reports
Leverage detailed insights into wage expenditure versus budget allocations.
Enhanced Timesheet Insights with Indicator Tags
Identifying critical information has never been simpler with the introduction of visually distinct tags for images, injuries, and mileage.
Import Projects and Users
This functionality simplifies and accelerates the setup process, allowing administrators to upload projects and user profiles directly onto Lumber effortlessly.
Automated Timesheet Analysis
Our Automated Timesheet Analysis computes regular, overtime, and double overtime hours directly from timesheets, simplifying labor utilization.
Coming Soon
Here's a sneak peek at what's on the horizon
Plan, predict, & perform
Our Scheduler feature introduces an intuitive interface designed to simplify task creation and management. Align employee availability with project demands, forecast labor needs, and make adjustments on the fly for optimum efficiency.
Plan for your well-deserved break
Our new Time-off Request feature makes it easier than ever for employees to submit sick leave or paid time off directly within Lumber while automatically managing their accrued leave balances. Managers can review and approve requests with just a click, ensuring smooth planning and operation.
Customize your calendar like never before
With our Holiday Configuration Tool, you can now set up and adjust public holidays specific to your region, ensuring that your scheduling and payroll systems automatically adapt to these important dates. Say goodbye to manual adjustments!
Manage, monitor & communicate
Our Crew Management feature provides a comprehensive overview of your crews, allowing you to manage crew assignments, monitor progress, and communicate updates effortlessly. Whether you're overseeing a single project or multiple job sites, keeping your crews aligned has never been easier.
Foreman mode
Empower your supervisors with the tools they need to succeed. Our Foreman mode offers advanced functionalities for overseeing crews, from quick timesheet submission for the entire crew to instant communication capabilities.

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