Building a Winning Social Media Strategy

July 18, 2024
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PT

Expert Guest: Jonathan Cor

Social Media Tactics for Construction Companies

Learn how to effectively leverage social media to boost brand awareness, connect with your target community, build trust and generate leads. Level up your digital presence with proven strategies and best practices tailored specifically for construction companies.

Webinar Agenda

Introduction to Business Planning
  • Understand the importance of having a business plan for your construction company.
  • Learn how a well-defined business plan can help you clarify your vision and objectives.
Market Analysis
  • Understand the role of market research in analyzing your target market and understanding customer needs and preferences.
Defining Your Services and Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Learn how to identify the services you will offer and how they differentiate you from competitors.
Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Understand what is involved with a strong marketing and sales plan to attract clients and generate leads.
Operational Plan
  • Learn the factors to consider when determining your business operations, including staffing, equipment, and supply chain management.
Financial Projections
  • What factors should be considered while creating financial forecasts, including revenue projections, expenses, and cash flow analysis?
Q&A Session

Webinar Agenda

Strategies for Managing Finances in Construction - The MATT Method
The CEO’s Role in Business
  • Motivations
  • Objectives
  • The Critical 4 numbers every CEO should be watching
Project Lifecycles
  • Stage 1 - The Process of Building a Budget
  • Stage 2 - Managing the Project
  • Stage 3 - Project Post Mortem
Tying Projects into Overall Company Financials and Cashflow
Q&A Session

Webinar Agenda

Why should contractors build on social media?
What are the biggest benefits to building a social media presence?
How to build a social media strategy?
  • Why are you posting?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • What should you post?
  • Where should you post?
  • When should you post?
  • How should you go about doing social media?
Q&A Session
Coralee Beatty

Fractional COO, Thrive HQ

Coralee Beatty, Fractional COO, Thrive HQ

Coralee Beatty is dedicated to empowering women in trades and construction, fostering profitability, flexibility, and freedom within the industry. As a passionate advocate for gender equality, Coralee's impact extends beyond her professional roles, as she emerges as a compelling speaker, captivating podcast host, and reliable advisor. Her fervent dedication to cultivating growth and fostering innovation in construction positions her as a trusted guide for businesses navigating today's competitive landscape, offering a guiding light for those seeking excellence in the dynamic realm of construction entrepreneurship.

Greg Archer

COO, KFE Solutions

Greg Archer serves as the Chief Operations Officer at KFE Solutions, a Fractional CFO firm dedicated to the construction and professional trades sectors.

With 24 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CFO/COO, Greg has successfully led multiple organizations, from startups to businesses generating multiple eight-figure revenues. His extensive expertise includes guiding companies from near bankruptcy to profitability, expanding single-location businesses into franchises, and steering firms through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to achieve high profits. Additionally, he has established global business operations, acquired commercial real estate, initiated and managed non-profits, and facilitated multiple seven-figure business sales. Greg's industry experience spans home healthcare, event production, and professional trades. He is a graduate of the Harvard Executive Education program and was nominated for CFO of the Year in San Diego.

Jonathan Cor

Founder, Customer Growth

Jonathan Cor is the founder of Customer Growth - A commercial construction social media agency. He works with 7, 8, and 9-figure contractors helping them build their brand through social media.