Women in construction
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Cory Fisk
Construction Management Online

Cory boasts over 18 years of diverse experience spanning all sectors of the Construction Industry, from Federal/Tribal to Commercial & Residential projects. With roles ranging from Field Engineer to Construction Manager and Facility Director and a mentor for women in construction, Cory brings a unique blend of academic prowess and practical insight. Cory's innovative curricula, including Construction Management Online and Construction Management Essentials, are reshaping the industry landscape.

Do you think companies should implement specific policies or practices to promote gender equality in the construction workforce?

So long as the policies are not discriminatory or favorable but instead create equity without diminishing the advancements that have been made thus far.

What strategies has your firm employed to attract and retain women in construction roles and foster a culture of innovation, advancement, and leadership?

Education for both women AND men in the construction industry to create a more welcoming environment by focusing on the differences between men and women and the good those differences bring to the industry when working together.

How successful have these strategies been in increasing the number of women in your workforce?

They have been quite successful as they help to become more confident in their own abilities instead of attacking the traditional issues of the past. Staying focused on the positive and preparing women for the "difficulties" of joining a male-majority industry.

How can construction companies better support women in the workplace and address any issues related to gender equality?

By educating on the topic without causing division among men through exclusion or favoritism.