Women in construction
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Gloria Marie Fuentes
GloJoy Construction

Meet Gloria Marie Fuentes, a third-generation entrepreneur, seasoned real estate professional, and captivating keynote speaker with more than a decade of experience. With a passion for nurturing startups and offering strategic guidance for business expansion, Gloria is a trusted mentor in various industries. Her influential voice resonates strongly in the construction sector, particularly advocating for women in trade and providing invaluable mentorship support.

Gloria Marie shares with us her insights about the construction industry and why this is the right time for women to join the industry.

Are there any specific programs or initiatives that have particularly attracted women to the industry? Please describe.

I don’t think we have an issue bringing women into the industry. I believe that we have a retention issue.

We need to focus on company culture and industry culture and ensure it is welcoming to women and accepting of their ideas. I don’t think we need specific policies to be in place to recruit more women. I think that core values of a company need to embrace a diverse culture with an open-door policy, encourage people to speak up, and provide ideas.

How challenging is the construction industry for women?

No construction project is perfect. It's essential to maintain equilibrium while navigating the complexities of construction projects. Being adaptable and responsive to unexpected circumstances is crucial in this dynamic industry. Challenges are inevitable, but our ability to effectively address them is what truly defines our success.

Is this the right time for women to join the construction industry? What kind of opportunities exist for them?

The potential for women's advancement in the construction industry is virtually limitless at this juncture. Opportunities abound, whether it's pursuing government contracts earmarked for minority and women-owned businesses or delving into the intricacies of government bid projects. The private sector also offers avenues for diversity and collaboration, catering to those seeking alternatives to conventional contracting approaches.

Women are poised to seize the moment in construction due to the sheer volume of projects underway. Whether it's as welders, crane operators, engineers, construction or project managers, or even in general contracting capacities, women are making their mark across various roles. They're equally prevalent in office roles, driving operations behind the scenes and ensuring the success of projects on the ground.

The antiquated notion of the 'girl in the office' as a supporting figure is evolving. Now, more than ever, women are at the forefront of construction projects, contributing their expertise and leadership. This shift opens up opportunities for men to take on office-based roles, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic industry landscape.

In essence, the construction industry presents boundless opportunities for both women and men alike, with roles spanning from the field to the office. It's a moment of unprecedented opportunity and growth for all involved."