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For solar companies, navigating compliance is crucial for smooth operation. These checklists can serve as your roadmap to success.

Payroll Compliance Checklist

With our comprehensive, downloadable payroll compliance checklist and guide, you can ensure accurate and timely worker payments while streamlining payroll processes and avoiding costly errors.


Certified Payroll Compliance Checklist

Ensure compliance with government contract requirements using our detailed certified payroll checklist. Simplify reporting and maintain accurate records with our easy-to-follow certified payroll guide.


OSHA Compliance Checklist for Solar Companies

This checklist is designed to help solar companies identify and address potential hazards, comply with OSHA regulations, and promote the well-being of their employees.



Is your solar company located in California? Stay compliant with California's AB2143 regulations using our thorough AB2143 checklist. Ensure proper employee rehiring practices and avoid legal pitfalls.

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Navigating Payroll Compliance in the Solar Energy Sector:
Key Challenges and Strategies

As the solar energy industry continues to grow, companies within this sector face numerous payroll compliance challenges. To better understand and address these issues, we are conducting a comprehensive survey targeting solar companies. The insights gathered will help us identify common obstacles and develop strategies to improve compliance processes.
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Participating companies will be prominently highlighted on, our media partner for this survey, giving your company additional exposure and recognition within the industry.

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Cost-Effective Compliance

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Eliminate payroll errors & delays with Lumber's automation.

Scalable Growth

Lumber grows with you, simplifying payroll as your business expands.
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